Everyone has some dreams, small or big

Childhood dreams, teenage, even in your eighties.

We all always have something to do…

Well, I have a goal, I want to be a great copywriter

Is it a mind-boggling vision?

Yes, I know everything needs your time and you become professional at it

I don't want to be Alex Cattoni, Justin Goff or Ben settle

I want to be ME

Is it possible?

Why not!!!!!

But no matter what, the KEY is in getting started. Turn on the IGNITION and get the ENGINE revving.

Well, nothing is impossible and I mean it, it worth it

This is my vision, what's yours?

I want to listen to your jiffy

PS. This is not something to hurt anyone's feelings but my thoughts.



You figured it out

You know your goals, your dedication, and your motives

You spent 30 days with your pen and paper

And now they are your best friends…


Never leave them, They should be your weapon

They should be your Power

And they should be your dreams.

Our journey doesn't stop here, life starts from here

You have to go leagues, years, even decades….

Have a deep breath, smile, and hold your weapons

And start writing your dreams, goals, and happiness…

You are born to help yourself and others.

Spread happiness with your pen, paper

Keep going!!!!



What Would I do If I Woke Up As a Newbie In My Field??

Learning never exhausts the mind. @

Well, a gentleman said, "Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will."

Well, I would do the same I am doing

Learning, learning, and learning

You know what there are no age restrictions in learning

You can get your skills, knowledge, and education from anywhere, everywhere.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty." Henry Ford

There is always a room for improvement

I would re-learn many things that I did wrong

I would do many new experiences to save my time and energy in a better way.

Knowledge is not sluggish, I would try new tips to improve my writing, and my COPY formulae to make them better, smooth, and eye-catching.




Iqra Malik

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