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Slice of Heaven

Can’t beat ABC

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As Fresh as sprouting spring upon the hills.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to stay in a cozy restaurant, light up with your beautiful date, smile at the soft music’s rhythm, and eat your scrumptious pizza or a juicy burger?… Life is short; eat well in Jax!!

Book an event………… Group, dining ……..Business meeting,

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Taste of Heaven at your door!

Are you looking for something spicy, delicious, healthy food in New York? ABC in Yonkers at Sunset is it!

Our dining experience is 95% gluten-free and features something for everyone Because We care about You as the ship’s pilot, avoiding the rocks Of the sea.

Make a dine reserve.

Our spicy dish is so spicy. It will murder your mouth.

Local Ingredients Assembled In Modern Application

From peppery curry to Nashville hot chicken.

ABC provides the scorching and spicy food to bring back the nostalgia of being in the unlimited grilled meats carved in bloom.

We ABC use local, fresh beef from nearby cowpoke in New York to delight your senses and taste buds. NOW CRAVE FOR THE MORE!

Let’s go, Yummy!

Do you Crave dessert Flavors?

The best sweetening nutrient dessert in New York.

Explore the sweet side we have just added to our crater, our freshly prepared ice cream, cookies, pastries, and desserts — a perfect ending to any meal.

ABC offers the genuine taste of New York, Italian, and American cuisine. This affordable, high-quality, tasty food is cooked on an open charcoal grill to add a unique flavor and feel to your taste buds!!

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ABC is where you can go for Lunch, Dinner, and any business meeting. We are waiting for YOU with open hearts to welcome you.

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Hand-picked hot tastes from our Best chefs.

Dining options in ABC New York range from upscale restaurants to down-home grilled chicken, all infused with Love, health, and Nutrients.

Eating at ABC’s hot and spicy corner is like fire in your mouth. The food is loosely based on Szechuan cuisine from Southwestern China, hot dogs, Wings, Nashville, pasta, BBQ, burgers, and the spiciest pizza, etc., which, on its own, is known for bringing the heat. But ABC food takes it to another level by introducing classics worldwide. It was one of the most favorite cuisines in New York. We grill jalapenos, diablo sauce, mango, and sour cream with cilantro that will make you rush towards the glass of milk or ice.

Order your Peppery Hot Food.

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Why ABC?

We are proud to serve you the most balanced and healthfullest diet in the world, just like we did for over 1000+ happy customers last summer.

We use traditional and healthy cooking methods with delicious ingredients. We want you to enjoy the best Hot and Spicy food, healthy dessert, and nutrient cuisine rich in the mosaic of cultures and traditions.

We are with you with all your celebrations, whether a birthday, anniversary, date night, family celebration, or office party.

Reservations are always recommended, especially for the grand celebrations.

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