One thing people should never compromise upon

Iqra Malik
2 min readMay 28, 2022

People love to help…

So am I…

Do you doze for 6 hours or more???

That's great…

I know a few people who snooze for 3,4 hours a day.

Yes, even they forgot their sleep hours for the sake of others' work and enjoyment, projects, midnight meetings, events, or anything else…

So what happens then?

They compromise their sleep, and this fatigue takes its toll, on heart diseases, diabetes, and so on…

They suddenly get breaks from their daily life activities, events, and parties with their friends…

Slowly and gradually they lose their circle…

A troubled mental state can lead them to Permanent mental illness

It could be harder to remember things or to think positively…

How hard it is to stay the nauseating whole day

Few Medical Reasons that show one could have insomnia are:


Irregular sleep times

Breathing issues

Mental illness





Parkinson's disease



Digestive issues


Kills sex drive

Weight gain and skin aged

So on and so forth…

But, you can get back to your routine of approximately 6 hours of sound sleep…

Yes, How???

You can start with your bedroom.

Darkness, quiet, comfy, and pleasant.

Well, I hope you, yes you are not compromising your health…

Because I want to be with you forever.

Because I love you,

Sleep well and stay healthy



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