Three best games to look forward to in 2021-The best games you should excite about

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Does your child spend much time on online games on mobile phones or PC? People usually play online games when they feel bored. The upcoming games of 2021 are the best games of all time. Here is the games list of 2021 you need to keep your eye on. No matter on what platform you are playing, whether you are on a PC android phone, or on a PlayStation.

Though the world is in the grip of the Covid-19 issue, people are spending their free time on gaming.

Sony is keen to demonstrate its future and will carry on its commitments to quality for the generations. Nintendo is generating about 11 billion dollars. Nintendo, meanwhile, is working on it, will surely surprise us. Furthermore, you will see the best-selling games of all time. So, if you are looking forward to the best games for your spare time. Below are the five best free games of 2021.

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1- Halo Infinite: Best selling games of all the time.

Format: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X.

This Halo Infinite is the best game and highly-rated Xbox Series X game on Microsoft’s platform. However, it is the latest game in the iconic Xbox series. Microsoft has promised and keen to make it the best FPS it can be. That’s why it is launched late in 2021.

This game is fantastic and allows us to sink our teeth into it. According to developer 343, this acts as a “spiritual reboot.” A TracMap, a tool in this game, will help you explore different parts of the title mega-sized Halo ring. It is several times a big and larger project than the last two Halo games.

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2- Horizon: Forbidden West- A Thrilling Game

Format: PS4 and PS5

This news was announced in June 2020 during a conference of E3 PlayStation that this is Sony’s most prominent and beloved new IPs from the PS4 era. This Horizon game follows Aloy’s story and follows some events of the first game. Aloy travels to the most dangerous places starts from America’s decimated wild frontier. This game lets us into the habitat of new mechanical beasts, including alligators and months. As we have seen in the trailer, this game has underwater exploration too. The director Mathijs de Jonge has promised that the game will feature practically with no loading screens. The dual sense wireless controller helps us to make the weapon more unique and elegant to use. Have fun!

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3- Hitman 3- Best online game for PC and PlayStation

Format: PS5, PS4, Xbox series S/X, Xbox One, PC

Agent 47 is coming back with some mind-blowing re-creation. IO interactives’ sublime trilogy concludes it with Hitman 3, and stakes never go higher. In this game, you will see some overwhelming and sensational locations.

In Trailers and teases you will have ideas that we will be hunting in the UAE skyscraper, an old English manor, and neon-drenched cities of China, and more besides. Here you will have 20 levels in one game with a crisp of 4k and 60 FPS.

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Final thoughts, that’s it!

Before we go, we will leave you with an exciting feature with fun online games. HAVE FUN!

Do you feel like entering into a new gaming era now? We hope so! If you have played some of these games, don’t forget to share your thoughts. Go ahead. We welcome you to give your feedback. Thanks for reading!



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