My Lil Nephew is my teacher

Iqra Malik
2 min readMay 27, 2022


Kids are a beautiful gift from God…

They are full of life, happiness, and blessings

They teach us a lesson every day


They teach us not to fight with others

Don't have grudges for others.

Everyone can be your friend…

Your wealth, money, fame, and business don't matter

But what matters is???

Your happiness

Your happiness can come from the toffee, toys, or even a lollipop

Yes, they teach us people are born to love each other

People are born to help each other

What are we doing with us and with them?

We pour hatred, grudges, and frustration into their minds

slowly and gradually they become monsters

They become mature having frustration

For the society, relationships and people

We shouldn't yell at them…

We should play with them and understand them

We shouldn't pour out hatred and frustration to make their lives poisonous…

Children are like flowers, don't let them depressed, or stressed

They are our Future…

My nephew teaches me how to smile even in the dark…

My nephew teaches me how to be calm even if he doesn't have his favorite toy

He teaches me how to stay conscious, even if there is lots of chaos around me…

He is my teacher, he teaches me a lot

My little honey bunny



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