A goal I wish to achieve is….

Iqra Malik
May 31, 2022


Everyone has some dreams, small or big

Childhood dreams, teenage, even in your eighties.

We all always have something to do…

Well, I have a goal, I want to be a great copywriter

Is it a mind-boggling vision?

Yes, I know everything needs your time and you become professional at it

I don't want to be Alex Cattoni, Justin Goff or Ben settle

I want to be ME

Is it possible?

Why not!!!!!

But no matter what, the KEY is in getting started. Turn on the IGNITION and get the ENGINE revving.

Well, nothing is impossible and I mean it, it worth it

This is my vision, what's yours?

I want to listen to your jiffy

PS. This is not something to hurt anyone's feelings but my thoughts.



Iqra Malik

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